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The truth is the number of words per page depends on a variety of factors such as the type of font, the font size, spacing elements, margin spacing, and paragraph length to name a few Feb 15, 2008 · Six pages is well, six pages long. Well, 6 pages double spaced is somewhere between 1500 and 1650 words How many words are in a 6 page double-spaced paper. When the final work is printed for sale and published, the number of words per page will differ. While a general guideline is one page is 500 words (single spaced) or 250 words (double spaced), this is a ballpark figure. ? .Please note: Every high …. So, how many pages is 500 words?. And how many words is a 6-page paper? If you are using 12pt Times New Roman font, a typical research paper will have between 350-400 words per page 16 rows · Here is a full list of the most common assignment word counts. A manuscript for a novel is typically 500 words per page if single-spaced. essay titles about custody

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For manuscripts, the answer is about 250–300 words per page if it is double-spaced. Sure they do. Do six-page essays and papers get abortion pro life essays assigned? It depends on how big your text is and how big the paper is, and spacing etc, but I am at university in England and find ….

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